martedì 1 dicembre 2009

Cielo a carboncino

Una canzone bella e quasi struggente, questa "Charcoal Sky", dall'ultimo disco di Chip Taylor, "Yonkers"! Un disco di ricordi, una canzone per rievocare il bambino che metteva le monetine sui binari, affinché il treno le appiattisse, e il padre che parlava con l'amico macchinista a proposito di treni a vapore e di sogni americani. Una "train song", come non usa più, a stregare le orecchie e a rapire il cuore, sotto un cielo disegnato a carboncino. Dietro la prossima curva.

Charcoal Sky

Got a reservation – down at Neperhan station
Flatten your nickel's boys – and wave that train good bye
It'll be on time – it's the Hudson River Line
God Bless America & that Charcoal Sky

Boys this is Harry – he's the conductor for the Putnan Division
Now he's been doin' it for 18 years – and he's been my friend for nine
Harry this is Barry, middle son Jon and little Jamie
Tryin' to teach my boys about that Charcoal Sky

Repeat chorus

(Harry says) - Now since the 1860's, boys – we've been pushin' up steam
I still hear those wheels every time I close my eyes
And without that steam, boys – there'd be no American dream
Daddy said God bless you Harry – we'll see you by and by

Repeat chorus


Now wave goodbye to Harry boys – the caboose she's a rollin'
See him runnin' to catch up to her – don't he catch her every time
When he hops on board, boys - give a wave – it's time we started goin'
Soon around the bend we'll see that Charcoal Sky

Repeat chorus

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